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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Life of a dogwalker

July 13

Today I took my labrador group to a school field as I wanted to avoid Ben from going off sniffing and eating by the street people in Keurboom park. They live on the side of the field. All of you who has been there would know how hard it is to keep your dogs away from there. I have made big process with Ben to give him treats and trying to keep him occupied with the pack and 90% of the time it works. But today I felt like a change and took the pack to a school field that is enclosed and safe and could just really connect with them without worrying when Ben is going to run off. At the school field Ben decided to jump over a small broken down wall. May I say the only gap there is to get access to peoples houses or yards. From the field side it is easy to get over but from that side to get back is quite difficult. So there I was trying to get Ben back on the field. Carrying black bins over to make a step so he can jump. Needless to say, Ben didnt want my help. So as I was on that side trying to help Ben all my other dogs jumped over. So there we were, me and 5 excited pups thinking this is a game. Luckily this yard wasnt in use. Tessa my chocolate labby jumped back and was very heroic. Must say she is really an adventurous pooch.

In the end it cost me leopard crawling through bushes to find a little whole in the fence to show them how to get out. Im sure they all thought this was the best day out ever with all the excitement :-) Me on the other hand was left full of dirt :-)

July 29

Today Holly ate my lunch :-( Holly is a gentle spirited German shephard who sits in the front with me to protect her back legs from jumping up in the back of the bakkie. So I had some nice left over pizza in its take away box on the floor in a bag. And to protect it was a cake in its original packaging. (It was my birthday the previous day) So as I went to fetch another dog Holly dug down and pushed the cake over and grabbed the take away box. When I came back she sat there with such a guilty what? I was just having my lunch? It was very funny tho cause you wouldnt expect this behaviour from her:-)


Today my tactics to keep Ben with the pack failed and I went off looking for him again. Needless to say that this was now at the end of the walk. My treats wasnt good enough today :-) I was told to not go after them and look for them as then they will continue to do this and wait for you to fetch them. As I waited he did come running over the horizon pooping himself probably cause he couldnt find us. Hope it taught him a lesson. I really love Ben. His got such a puppy face and all of you who are parents will know the moment your naughty child looks at you with those puppy eyes-all is forgiven and forgotten.

Also walked new pooches today. Buzz and Evie. Ah they were so amazing.

3 August

Today we are doing training with Horace. Horace is my dobermann who walked in the labrador group since a puppy and just one day turned at bit one of the labs. So Ive been taking him in the mountain on his own. But I really want to get Horace to socialise again as he is not an aggressive dog. He is like a big teddybear who loves TLC and very obedient. So will give you an update later on...